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Swedish massage is the most common form of massage. Swedish mainly relaxes the muscles and eases aches and pains.

Swedish massage became popular in the 1920's as a form of beauty aid. During that period Swedish massage included such adjuncts as hydrotherapy, heat lamps, diathermy, and colonic irrigation. Today, Swedish massage is the most basic of all massage types and is the basis of which many of today's therapies have evolved. Recognized with the customary kneading motions, this form of massage is most commonly used to reduce stress and ease aching muscles.

Our massage therapists have massage training that is based on a high proficiency in Swedish massage. By taking the experience and knowledge gained in this area and building upon it, our therapists are able to cater each massage to the individual.

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Our treatment rooms offer high quality sound systems utilizing digital audio and digital ©Dolby surround sound. Our sound systems ensure an immersion of sound and enhanced body and mind relaxation. Clients are welcome to bring their own music in CD or MP3 format.
Hot/Cold Therapy
Our therapists utilize warm towel wrap treatments when requested or needed. We also may apply cold therapy to injured areas when needed.
Table Warmers
Our massage and treatment tables have built-in warmers to ensure a comfortable and relaxing massage.
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